Designs for small spaces

Designing for small areas often requires a lot of creativity, given the space constraints. The most basic aim of decorating small spaces is to ensure less cluttering, crowding, and overlapping of elements, as this can make the room look tinier and stuffy. Whether it’s a small room, studio apartment, or a 1BHK, we’ve got several ideas on how to use different lighting styles to not only have every corner lit but also give the appearance of a larger room and add some personality.
These are some of our favourite styles:

Wall/Ceiling Lights

Ceiling or wall lights are ideally perfect for smaller spaces as they use up space that is otherwise not occupied by furniture or functional areas. Ceiling lights have the vantage point of illuminating the entire room, while smaller, low profile styles can make the room appear larger when compared to the size of the lights.

Movable Floor Lamps

Tall floor lamps, especially ones with the ability to move the head, are perfect for small spaces as they can be moved to illuminate the exact area required. Not only does this allow for focused lighting onto certain areas, such as a writing desk, but also adds personality to the room.


Though you may immediately think of large, majestic chandeliers, we are referring to smaller, elegant ones that do not take up a lot of your headspace in the room. These chandeliers are mini but have the elegance and grace of all large ones.

Flush Lights

Also known as Recessed Light Fixtures, these mounts are one of the most popular styles of lighting when it comes to confined areas. As this type of lighting does not take protrude from the wall or ceiling, it doesn’t take up any usable room, making the space look larger and airier.

Accent Lights

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your room does not look too 2-Dimensional and boring is to layer your lighting with different textures. Accent lights can be anything, from small wall sconces or desk lamps to LED strips and fairy lights. It adds depth and personality to the room.

LED & Fairy Lights

For smaller spaces, smaller light fixtures are recommended so as to not overcrowd the room. If these lights can be hung or installed on the walls, they’re even better. This is why fixtures such as LED Strips and fairy lights are the go-to decor choices as they not only take up minimal space but can instantly make any room feel cosy. However, these shouldn’t be the only source of lighting in the room as they can make activities such as reading and writing difficult.

Color Changing Lights

Don’t shy away from having a bit of fun when it comes to decorating your room and choosing light fixtures! Colour changing lights are a great way to add dimension to the room as well as set the mood of the evening. From romantic dinners and movie nights to social parties and get-togethers, these lights can be a game-changer in your room!
No matter your choice of light styling, we, at The Stellar Kraft, have the perfect lighting for all your needs! Check out our collections for inspiration, or simply reach out to us with your custom ideas and we’ll help you find the closest match!