Home Office Lighting Ideas

The Covid pandemic has changed the way the world functions, affecting all areas of life, including the way we work. With lockdowns taking place across the globe, most non-essential offices and businesses took to Working From Home, giving rise to the need for home offices.
Transitioning from working from the office to home is not the easiest task and can take some getting used to. Setting up a designated area in your house for official work and meetings is a great way to ease into the transition as well as keep up productivity. It also allows you to comfortably draw a work-life balance and ease into ‘Work Mode’ every day.
To make this part of your life more convenient, functional, and stylish, here are our top home office lighting recommendations from The Stellar Kraft:

Table Lamps

A no-brainer, table lamps are often skipped in lieu of full lights that illuminate the room. However, table lamps help focus the lighting on the objects on the table, allowing you to use your laptop, computer, book, or notepad with ease and without any strain from shadows caused by poorly positioned lights.

Mini Pendant Lights

Smartly designed mini pendants can add charm, sophistication, and space to your room, depending on how they are used and where they are placed. It produces enough light to illuminate closer areas without being too harsh during the evenings or night.

Floor Lamps

A stylish, thoughtfully designed floor lamp can elevate the decor of your home office while also offering enough light to adequately brighten your work desk, when placed correctly. Choosing a modern design for floor lamps can also add to the chic factor of your room.

Smart LED Light Strips

A cool and fun way to add some life to your home office, Smart LED light strips are easy to use and can be taped anywhere that you’d like to add some colour. Much loved by youngsters and gamers, these lights, when placed near the work desk or behind your computer, can emit soft, colourful glow that can instantly uplift your mood and motivate you.

Adjustable Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have become more and more popular in the past few years for adding a calming aura to the aura while also emitting a soft glow to relax the mind. Using this as a table companion for your workspace can help relieve stress and anxiety that can be associated with work. Choosing one with an adjustable light can also help you adjust the amount of light coming from the lamp.

Trackable Ceiling Lights

With home offices, it is important to properly illuminate your entire workspace as it helps you stay awake and active while working, This is why ceiling track lights are a great option. Usually small in size, these lights are adjusted onto the ceiling and can emit strong lights that can brighten all corners of the room. Easy adjustable, you can also turn the head of one of these lights to directly face your workspace, providing additional light to your main work area.