How to light a bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Tips: How to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Having the right lighting in your bathroom will make all the difference in terms of your mood and energy levels. Whether you’re trying to relax after a long day or are getting ready to go out on the town, you should be able to do so in an inviting environment that supports your activities without feeling like it’s too harsh or too dark. While there are many ways to tackle this challenge, one simple way to get started is by using these bathrooms lighting tips to find the perfect combination of lights that fits with your preferences and style needs.

The Importance of Mood Lighting

Mood lighting can create a soothing ambiance, or it can set an exciting tone for your bathroom. Either way, it’s an important aspect of bathroom design. No matter what your mood when taking care of business in your bathroom, you should be able to bring some small comfort into your space with carefully chosen lighting.

Light up Walls and Windows

Light radiates off of surfaces, so putting lights up on or around windows is an obvious way to maximize light in a bathroom. The same goes for putting pendant lights or wall sconces in those spots where they can reflect off mirror and glass surfaces. As for color options, use warm tones like yellows, oranges and reds—they evoke feelings of comfort that help set a relaxing mood.

Soften The Room with Plants

It may sound crazy, but studies have shown that keeping plants in your bathroom can do wonders for your stress levels. After all, greenery is scientifically proven to be good for your health. It seems fitting, then, that a common decorating trick many interior designers and architects use is using live plants as room dividers in smaller rooms like bathrooms. By breaking up large spaces into smaller ones, it’s easier to make everything feel a little cosier – and also better ventilated!