Solving unique spaces’ lightings

Unique home and decor projects are what make our spaces stand out from the norm and hence, require special lighting solutions than the average room. For us, every project is one of a kind. Even if you start from scratch with a new build, there are unexpected areas that require your own solution, such as disability-friendly wall lights in the hallways, junction boxes in the wrong place, or simply needing to increase the absorption of sound. Here’s how to tackle these issues in Stellar style:

For Low Ceilings

Low ceilings, usually 8 feet or lower, can make the room feel smaller or more cramped than it actually is. This creates a need for decor and lighting that takes up little space so as to not make the room feel even more cramped. The perfect solution for these is low profile flush mount lights and semi flush mount lights. If there is ample clearance inside the ceiling, one can also opt for recessed lights as these lights fit within the wall and take up next to no space in the room while brightly illuminating the required spaces.

For Acoustic Sound Absorption

Room spaces with high ceilings or areas close to roads with traffic can often experience regular echoing of sounds that sometimes sound louder due to the open space. To help fight these, we offer a range of stylish lights that not only add charm to your space but also have some sound-absorption qualities. Though ideal for restaurants and hospitality uses, these can also be used in homes so create a calmer and quieter environment, free from the noises from outside.

For Misplaced Junction Boxes

Sometimes, the required junction boxes are not as easily accessible in places where you need certain lighting and rewiring is not only costly but also time-consuming. This is where plug-in sconces and swaggable lights come into play perfectly. If you have a new layout in your room and need to hang a pendant light or chandelier a few feet from the old one, a viable solution is to wire the cord to a new hanging spot a few feet away from the original junction box.

For Energy Efficiency

For many, electricity bills can quickly rack up, causing concern as well as hesitation in using your beautiful decor lights to their maximum potential. To solve this lighting problem, we recommend the use of LED lights for a more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only for modern homes but LED fixtures are also efficient when retrofitting historic buildings!

For Disability Compliance

Most new buildings and renovations today require designs and structures to be compliant for people with disabilities, and when it comes to wall lights, you need to streamline them out of the way. As a general rule of thumb, in order to comply with the ADA, use a lighting sconce that protrudes a maximum of 4 inches in common pathways like the hall or walkways.