The Brand

Stellar Kraft was founded in 2020 with an aim to curate bright solutions for clients. Stellar Kraft came in vision from the Fargo Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Our sole aim stands at serving the customers with designs that are perfectly suitable for the places they own. Whether it is home or office or garden our lighting designs will stand out in any space.
Places with a modern interior design look incomplete without the right kind of lighting. Light planning goes a long way in making a space not only elegant but also practical. Without applying the correct measurements and consideration to your indoor space, it’s easy to miss out on what can make yet another home feel incomplete. We work on providing the lighting fixtures that enhance the ambiance of the place.
Your first decision to make when looking for the perfect indoor lights should be whether you are going for the ambient, task, or accent lighting. Once determined, there is a variety of designs available that mirror your choices such as globe lights, pendant lighting, flooring lamps, and hanging lights.
There are many different ways that you can use lighting to create a unique and customized look for your home. One great way to do this is by using custom-designed light fixtures. Many companies specialize in creating these types of fixtures, and they can help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your home.
Stellar Kraft has a variety of LED lights, floor lamps, ceiling lights, outdoor lights, wall lights, table lamps, and much more. We offer design-driven solutions for the customer. Offering decorative lighting to modern to ambient lighting, everything will be found in one place.
Founded in 2020, The Stellar Kraft is an Indian lighting brand born out of the modern and contemporary design tradition where form follows function. Every detailed design has a purpose to serve, every design starts and ends with light. We believe in quality lighting and design products that are pleasing to the eye and to the light. The design of our products is tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of elemental light. Here we have a production facility which is highly specialised in designing terms, and a technical office that acts as a consultancy for our customers, giving advice that starts with the engineering specifications of the lights and continues until its installed and brightened up.
The methods of working with metal and blowing glass, have a priceless value and should be preserved and their traditions respected, particularly if we want to offer customers the opportunity of buying unique pieces. Today, all this has to combine with new technologies such as LED lighting and energy-saving standards, and with the tastes of contemporary design, which only the most expert and esteemed designers can bring to each project.


Our vision is to see the elite in all the lighting designs we provide. Our products add perfect brightness to your spaces of yours. We know what brings light and that’s what makes us stand out and help you with custom designs. The quality of our lighting designs speaks to what our work and service are.


As our tagline depicts “Illuminating Charisma” our total focus is on enlightening the place you live or work in. The mission is to hold Quality, Innovation, Exclusivity, and Service as the four mainstays of our personality. Also, to keep up with control of each part of our items from planning and assembling to retailing and conveying making us India's simply immediate to-buyer planner and enriching lighting brand.


Our designers and experts are reliably attempting to foster innovative and more practical items and giving our clients the best lighting responses for every one of their necessities. Modern lightings and designs have a great impact today and here we work to give that modern as well as contemporary look to space.


Building consumer trust is our key focus. With us, customer loyalty and trust come first. Our items light up significant stores and organizations, making us one of the most confided in brands in the business.



The mission is to hold Quality, Innovation, Exclusivity, and
Service as the four mainstays of our personality. And to create
products which are a dialogue between a concept and a form.


To redefine Luxury with incomparable quality, and culturally sustainable designs and make it a standard of living for all.


As an organisation, we believe that our relationship with you is invaluable. We value your loyalty and are committed to providing the highest-quality customer service.


Understanding shadow, contrast, and diffusion while playing with
light creates the prospect of unique aesthetics. With art and design,
we share a creative language and attitude towards innovation.

Our Light designs will drive the adrenaline and that adrenaline will drive the technology.

Kumar Vishal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

What is design? There is no single answer to this question, as the meaning of design can vary from person to person. In general, design can be the process of creating something that meets certain requirements or solves a specific problem. This could be anything from designing a new product to redesigning an existing one. So here my team and I will bring out all the exposures to our light design experiences to create the best product for you.

A true masterpiece takes art and symmetry to create an endless blend of possibilities.

Shalu Singh

Co-Founder/ Chief Marketing Officer


There’s something about a well-crafted piece of art that just draws you in. It could be the way the colours come together, the symmetry of the design, or the overall composition. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that a truly great work of art is a thing of beauty. And that is what our aim is to bring you the best designs that connect with your style and elevate your home.

Growth of the company doesn’t depend on the product, it depends on the brains who are running the company.

Rakesh Roy

Chief Financial officer

As an astute Company Secretary and lawyer, led the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities and maintained systems of internal controls to safeguard the financial assets of the company. Guided company in various areas like fundraising, investment management, investor relations, business finance, contracting, commercials, and litigation. A strong proponent of Corporate Governance Practices and works in a strategic and influential way to ensure that a company operates within the law and abides by financial regulations.