The Stellar Kraft Launches Official Website

Founded in 2020, with the purpose to serve the best quality lighting and design products, ‘The Stellar Kraft’ has recently launched its official e-commerce website.
The brand recently introduced an all-exclusive e-commerce website solely dedicated to lights and design products, offering a flawless first-hand user experience of the brand’s current collections. A blend of modish and modern finesse forms a charming canvas for the display of highly stylish items that conveys form following function.
Vishal, Founder at The Stellar Kraft said, “Smart solutions that seamlessly integrate in today’s home and workspace are driving the industry. Our vision at the stellar kraft is to offer affordable yet premium and energy-efficient lighting solutions. And in accordance with our lighting studio’s expansion, coming to major Cosmopolitan cities in India will be the very next stage of our business starting from Bengaluru”.
The Stellar Kraft, curates bespoke interiors and collates a comprehensive design process, including all aspects of interior design from lighting to design products. The brand intends to change the dynamics of the lighting industry, by curating and engineering awe-inspiring designs that just fit right in. In addition, they have recently launched their retail store alongside the website in Bangalore.
Furthermore, lighting studio i.e TSK’s entry in the world of e-commerce is bound to create waves across the market by earmarking a larger set of audience. The company promotes exclusivity and one can now reap the benefits of their top-notch products, with their online platform delivering products right at an individual’s doorstep.