Where art meets design

From a single meaningful luminaire to a full fledged configurable lighting system, a good lighting plan can often be considered a work of art. Lighting planning designs do not have to be just practical, they can be luxurious, artistic and an expression of personal style. Adding tasteful artistry to your spaces is now easy with lighting solutions such as:

Configurable Lighting

With advancements in technology, trends, and style, configuring lighting into custom shapes and designs has become easier than ever before. Whether you’re building a hierarchical pendant to accentuate your high ceilings or combining multi-light pendants to add stunning elements to your room, custom lighting for your project is available widely. Let your artistic expression run wild with lighting decor ideas like never before!

LED Chandeliers

Since time immemorial, chandeliers have always been seen as grand centrepieces that catch the eye and wonder of all those who happen past them. However, adding LED to the mix has changed the game entirely and ushered the traditional lighting style into the modern era. Adding LED to the mix allows for curvier designs to the traditional chandeliers, making them artistic in their own right. Depending on your style, these can help bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary in your space.

Bold Statement Makers

Certain lighting fixtures have only one purpose: to make a loud statement. These, often used as artistic expression, are lights that have been uniquely placed to instantly catch the eye and become a conversation starter. They may not necessarily have high functionality, such as fairy lights or LED strips, but are flexible and allow you to mould them as you deem fit.

Wall Lighting

Often available in smaller sizes to be used in multiples, these wall lightings are flexible and can be customised into a design that fits your artistic personality and statement. Depending on how they are put together, they can be used to create new and unusual shapes and patterns that boast of contemporary modernity in your space and can easily be switched up and changed with changes in trends, styles, or expression.

Shadow Casters

Taking shadow play to the next level, these lighting styles have been designed keeping in mind not only the direction of illumination of the light but also the shadow the designs cast on the walls and throughout the room. These casters can easily add intrigue and a mystical aura to the room while being perfect for romantic evenings or relaxing moments. The lights are usually cleverly designed to be artistic during the day in their design, as well as in the evenings, in the way shadows and light interact with each other.

Plaster-In Lighting

Often opted to add a chic and contemporary element to your space’s design, these lightings are ultra-modern and seamlessly built into the recesses of your ceiling and walls without any flush or trim at all. They help to illuminate all areas of the space and can have the room looking airier and sleeker than usual and can shine the light on other artistic decor elements of your room.